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The Liminal One Project

Dec 19, 2018

Episode 34 is the first episode that touches on managing change. All prior episodes focused on leading change, and managing change follow the same process, but it hits us harder. Last week, I was hit with the news of losing a close friend. I touch on how this was managing change, and how I found myself spending more...

Dec 12, 2018

Episode 33, Mindful(less) Concepts One, focus is awareness around the things that slow us down or hinder our success. You should be aware of these concepts, but better, remove from your mind so that your future changes will be successful. The Focus is on YOU!

Dec 5, 2018

Back to leading change, this episode focuses on the Domino Effect and positive chain reactions. Discussed are three simple steps to follow. 1. Focus on the most important tasks or changes...what's easy to accomplish, two, build momentum, and three, break down larger tasks into smaller, easier components. Following this...